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Are you a property manager looking to get rid of leftover junk or appliances from a previous tenant? The last thing you want to do as a property manager is to deal with all the stuff evicted and foreclosed tenants leave behind. One call to Best Junk Removal and you won’t have to! Property Management companies and apartment building owners all over Phoenix rely on Best Junk Removal to clean up junk after foreclosed and evicted tenants, and the same professional and affordable services are available to you! 

We understand that every property clean-out is different, and our team is experienced and equipped to handle any job, big or small. Whether it’s mattress removal, furniture disposal Mesa, whole home cleanout services, yard debris removal, garage cleanout, appliance removal, or shed demolition, we handle all property cleanouts quickly and efficiently. 

Best Junk Removal is the reliable, trusted & top-rated junk removal service you have been searching for. We know that home ownership & building management is a lot of work, so why worry about the stressful task of removing junk on your own? We’ll take care of everything.

Our passion is removing junk from your business or property and removing all the associated stress that inevitably follows junk wherever it accumulates. Every load we haul away will be sorted through to find items that can be recycled and donated before anything is taken to the landfill. We want to ensure our landfills don’t work any harder than they have to and that usable items find a good home with someone who needs them. Call our office today to schedule an appointment or for information on pricing.


Appliance removal services are a great option for those who need to get rid of bulky items, such as a refrigerator or washing machine.

Professional services can provide an efficient, stress-free way of removing unwanted appliances without the usual hassle associated with disposal. The service is safe and secure and comes with the added benefit of recycling responsibly.

Appliance hauling services


Professional appliance removal services offer a convenient way to dispose of your items without having to worry about hazardous chemicals or other types of waste that may be generated by your appliances. Services will also often provide advice on how best to pack and transport them so you can be sure they’re disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner. Whether you’re getting rid of a few small appliances or an entire household’s worth, the service can make the process quick and easy.

Pick up and Haul Away Items

When it comes to appliance removal, the timely pick up and haul away of items can often be the most tiring and difficult part of the process. The very first step is to determine if your large appliance or furniture item can in fact be picked up by a professional crew. Taking into account the size, shape, and weight of your item, it’s likely that a professional service can give you a better handle on how safely and properly your item will be removed from your home or office.

Furniture and Large Appliance Removal

Furniture and large appliances like refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers are among some of the most common items requiring removal when a homeowner is cleaning out or remodeling their home. Although many homeowners are able to do this on their own, there are times when having a professional furniture and appliance removal service come in can be helpful.

A junk removal company can save valuable time and effort. Moving these items from a home can be dangerous and labor-intensive – sometimes even needing to be disassembled. Hiring a professional service for these situations can save significant amounts of time, energy and stress.

How to Dispose Old Appliances Locally

Disposing of old appliances can be time-consuming and may require some research depending on a person’s region. When disposing of old appliances, it is important to consider both the environmental impact and local laws and regulations.

One option for disposing of old appliances is to take them to a recycling center or donation facility. Some facilities may accept all types of recyclable materials such as plastics, metallic items and electronics, while others may only accept metal or electronic items. Some donation centers may even accept used appliances in adequate condition, providing a way to repurpose them or make them available to those who are low on resources.

A good junk removal service will pick up and donate or recycle as needed. Call Best Junk Removal to schedule an appointment or get a free estimate.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Service Provider

The biggest advantage to hiring a professional appliance removal service is the ease and convenience it provides. Instead of having to do it yourself, all you have to do is call a local service provider and they will arrange for pickup and removal of your appliances, often at an affordable rate. This eliminates the hassle of having to transport the item, knowing where to donate or recycle it, or dealing with hazardous chemicals.

Another benefit of using a professional service is that you tend to have more resources available than working on your own. Removal companies know exactly what items can and cannot be recycled, which organisations locally accept donations, and how to safely manage and dispose of hazardous materials contained in older appliances. They are also properly insured in case of any damage along the way.

There are multiple advantages to hiring a professional appliance removal service, including convenience, increased resources, safety, but also some associated expenses that must be weighed during the decision-making process. With this in mind, readers should now understand why it may be beneficial to hire a professional versus doing it themselves. Now let’s explore what steps individuals should take when selecting an appliance removal company in further detail below.

The appliance removal service is an invaluable tool to help homeowners and property owners get rid of their old appliances stress-free. With the help of a qualified and experienced technician, nuisance appliances can be removed quickly and safely so that they don’t cause any further disruption. This has become increasingly important as the number of old refrigerators, air conditioners and other types of appliances being replaced in homes and properties grows. The cost of removing these items is usually minimal compared to the trouble they may cause if left lying around.

Although some people may argue that they can remove old appliances themselves, this job should not be taken lightly as it involves heavy lifting, maneuvering and potentially hazardous material disposal. In addition, trying to do so without using the skills of a professional could lead to significant damage to flooring or walls in a home or property. Therefore, for greater peace of mind the best way to remove unwanted appliances is to hire a professional appliance removal service who will take care of the entire process in a safe and effective manner.

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