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Are you a property manager looking to get rid of leftover junk from a previous tenant? The last thing you want to do as a property manager is to deal with all the stuff evicted and foreclosed tenants leave behind. One call to Best Junk Removal and you won’t have to! Property Management companies and apartment building owners all over Phoenix rely on Best Junk Removal to clean up junk after foreclosed and evicted tenants, and the same professional and affordable services are available to you! 

We understand that every property clean-out is different, and our team is experienced and equipped to handle any job, big or small. Whether it’s mattress removal, furniture disposal Mesa, whole home clean out services, yard debris removal, garage clean out, appliance removal, or shed demolition, we handle all property clean outs quickly and efficiently. 

Best Junk Removal is the reliable, trusted & top-rated junk removal service you have been searching for. We know that home ownership & building management is a lot of work, so why worry about the stressful task of removing junk on your own? We’ll take care of everything. Call our office today to schedule an appointment or for information on pricing.


Karen Milanov
Karen Milanov
Best Junk Removal was hired to help clean out my 93 year old aunt’s house in preparation for sale. She was a bit of a collector, had had three untrained dogs and had rented a room to a hoarder. Brandon and Aaron came on one of the record high days in July. They removed two organs, two china cabinets, a grandfather clock, several dressers, loveseats, couches, recliners, and soiled mattresses among other things. They worked without stop and without complaint. How they were able to load so much stuff within one truckload was amazing. At the end of it all they also pulled up some very nasty carpeting for us. I could not have been more pleased with the service Best Junk Removal provided. I selected them because they had the best pricing per volume and because they donated salvageable goods to a local charity. When shopping around, I recommend you ask the size of the truck as they are not all the same. Communication was outstanding and they arrived as schedule. You will not be disappointed when you hire them. Thank you, Brandon and.Aaron!
Kathy Mitchell
Kathy Mitchell
We had accumulated quite a few large pieces that could not be picked up by Mesa bulk pickup. Best Junk Removal took care of everything, easy quote, reasonably priced and picked up when convenient for us. I recommend and will refer! Thanks
Nolan Duersch
Nolan Duersch
Brandon was friendly and professional. He gave me an honest quote up-front so there were no surprises. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing junk removal.
Christopher Ajluni
Christopher Ajluni
great service, very reasonable and quick! will be using again!
Best Junk Removal really is the Best! Brandon is very professional and price was so much better than any others. He and Aaron are exceptional & efficient! Best Junk Removal is now my go-to...I totally recommend them to solve your junk removal needs!
Jennifer Doliveira
Jennifer Doliveira
Brandon & Aaron did an amazing job for us. We've used Best Junk Removal 3 times and have always been so pleased. They are professional, punctual, and personable. I highly, highly recommend them.
Daryl Nyby
Daryl Nyby
Needed a lot of items cleaned out inside and outside. Brandon confirmed our appointment and he and his assistant were on time, very personable and professional and removed all the items we needed. Really appreciate the service and would recommend this company and will use their services in the future.
Brandon and his helper were awesome! Got here early and were quick moving my things! Great price as well! Would definitely use them again!! 10 out 10 recommend!


When you need a trusted home cleanout company in Mesa, look no further than Best Junk Removal. Our team of experienced junk removal experts will work quickly and efficiently to remove all the unwanted junk from your property.

Don’t let junk ruin your property’s reputation or appeal when we can quickly and easily remove it for you. As a locally owned and operated junk removal company, we provide fast and efficient services – sometimes including same-day junk removal services!


What is a Property Clean Out Service? 

A property clean-out service is a convenient and cost-effective way to prepare rental properties for future occupants while disposing of unwanted items from vacated spaces. This generally involves the removal of furniture, bagged belongings, trash, and other odds and ends that have been left behind by former renters. The process can also include an extensive deep cleaning of the facility, ensuring that no health or safety hazards exist when the space is released.

The benefits of professional property clean-out services abound. Using a professional ensures all necessary tasks are done effectively and efficiently, allowing landlords to quickly rent out the space once again.

Moreover, since the professionals are well versed in the laws regarding waste disposal, they will ensure all items are disposed of legally and responsibly while freeing up the landlord from any potential legal trouble stemming from improper disposal.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to using a clean-out service. For starters, it is typically significantly more expensive than if the landlord were to do some or all of these tasks themselves. Additionally, trusting third-party contractors with sensitive information about prior tenants could pose a risk for landlords if procedures for proper data handling are not followed strictly by these external service providers.

Overall, property clean-out services provide a reliable and responsible way for landlords to rid their rental properties of clutter left behind by past occupants. That being said, one must ensure that all duties entrusted to outside contractors are performed with diligence and in accordance with local regulations. With this in mind, let us turn our attention to who would benefit from a renter clean-out service.

House Estate Clean Outs 

House estate cleanouts are a form of renter clean-out service that is required and requested by many homeowners when they come across situations such as death, foreclosure, and abandoned property. An estate cleanout requires removing items left behind by the former tenant or owner, repairs and maintenance that may include disposal of debris and unwanted furniture or appliances, and, oftentimes, painting, repairing, or replacing carpets.

One of the primary benefits of hiring a professional to handle house estate cleanouts is being able to quickly decommission an empty home for sale so there is no risk of it being vandalized, looted, or damaged by wildlife. Additionally, with the help of a professional cleaner and contractor, homeowners can be sure that the new tenants get moved in smoothly without any surprises at the end, making their move-in process hassle-free.

On the other hand, depending on the severity of damage done to the home by cleaning up, a clean estate cleanout can become costly for those who own it. If extensive demolition and repairs are needed, some homeowners find themselves opting to do it themselves in order to save money. Additionally, older homes may contain asbestos or lead paint which must be safely removed prior to any work being done, adding time as well as the monetary cost that comes with this effort.

Regardless, if you are hiring a professional cleaner or taking on the project yourself, it’s important to understand what’s involved in a full house estate cleaning out so you remain adequately prepared. With this knowledge in mind, we can now move on to discussing the benefits and considerations when looking into an end-of-lease clean-out service. 

Rental Clean Ups 

Rental Clean Ups are a useful and necessary service for many hopeful tenants and landlords alike. On the one hand, tenants benefit from professional cleanouts to restore their rental properties to the least possible conditions. Doing so allows them to have greater assurance that they will receive their full security deposit back when they vacate their dwelling. In certain cases, tenants may simply be unable to complete their own cleaning due to time limitations or physical disadvantages. On the other hand, landlords utilize rental cleanouts to ensure that their investment property remains fully functional and in as good a clean condition as possible for future renters.

For both parties involved, rental clean-ups prevent costly or inconvenient repairs that can occur due to neglect before and during the tenant’s tenancy period. Perhaps most importantly, it helps heal any strained relationships between tenants and landlords caused by conflicts over pre-existing damage or unclean conditions of the premises. Despite the many advantages of professional rental cleanups, however, there are some risks that should be noted. For example, in some cases, renters may choose not to use a third-party service, which could lead to a dispute with the landlord independent of the cleaning job itself.

In conclusion, though rental clean-ups offer undeniable advantages both for tenants and landlords, renters should remain mindful of potential pitfalls associated with foregoing these services in order to secure their investments properly. Now that we have outlined the primary benefits of rental cleanup services, let’s turn our attention to an even more extreme situation: hoarders and clutter.

  • According to Home Guide, the average cost for a rent clean-out typically ranges between $300 – $800.
  • Research published in 2019 found that 69% of tenants believe it is important to have their rental property professionally cleaned prior to moving out.
  • Studies show that tenants that use a professional rental cleaning service are more likely to receive full bond refunds from their real estate agent or landlord.

Storage Units 

Storage units can be an invaluable asset when preparing for a move or conducting a renter clean-out service. Some storage unit companies even offer special deals for new renters and long-term occupancy, which can make them an especially cost-effective option. Plus, most storage unit locations are highly secured, so you know your belongings will remain safe and sound while you’re located elsewhere during the clean-out period.

On the other hand, some may argue that renting a storage unit can bring with it some delays and additional responsibilities. Having to continually check in with the owner of the facility to gain access to your items is often quite inconvenient and takes extra time. And while they are generally secure, there are still risks involved with leaving your items unattended for extended periods of time—especially if they contain valuables or sensitive documents requiring extra care.

Overall, storage units can be a great resource for facilitating a successful renter clean-out service, but it’s important to consider all the potential drawbacks before jumping in head first. Now that we’ve discussed storage units, let’s examine the next important part of this process: how to find a reliable renter clean-out service.


Foreclosure cleanouts are a necessity, especially in urban areas, as the number of foreclosed homes continues to grow. Foreclosures are often left with debris and unwanted items that need to be cleared out before the home can go back up on the market. Hiring a cleanout service to handle foreclosures provides an effective and efficient solution; these services are experienced in what items need to be disposed of and are familiar with demolition regulations.

On one hand, foreclosure cleanouts can give a neighborhood a much-needed boost by increasing the overall property values and beautifying the area. These services can be very helpful for people who don’t have the resources or time to do such heavy labor. On the other hand, these services can also cause damage to property if not done properly, which decreases value and can lead to conflicts between neighbors.

It is important for potential customers to assess their needs when selecting a clean-out service for foreclosures. Professionals should be chosen for the job who have extensive knowledge of residential cleanouts and demolition regulations. Doing extensive research prior to hiring any foreclosure clean-out service allows customers to find one that best fits their individual needs.

With careful consideration, foreclosure clean-out services can provide homeowners and neighborhoods with many benefits; considering the pros and cons of a renter clean-out service is an important next step when looking for reliable solutions for your remodeling projects.


Eviction cleanouts are an important and communal service provided by many professional contractors. It is often a highly emotive process, as it involves forcibly ejecting an individual or family from their residence due to rental or mortgage arrears. Beyond the emotional aspect of eviction cleanouts, there are practical considerations to consider, such as maintenance of the property and protection of the landlord’s interests.

In larger cities, local legal regulations and zoning ordinances can bring added complexities to the eviction process. These need to be taken into consideration and incorporated into both the quoted quotes for the job and all related scheduling and execution of services.

On one side of the argument, some may argue that eviction clean-outs should not be offered as a service due to its emotive nature, as well as being seen as “profiting off someone else’s misfortune”. This view, however, fails to acknowledge the fact that most people who are evicted are struggling with socioeconomic issues or complex issues of mental health, alcohol, or drug dependency which make it impossible for them to maintain their tenancy. Hiring a professional service provider, such as a renter clean-out company, can help to minimize risks and provide a less intrusive experience during this difficult time. Ultimately, it is up to the owners or landlords to decide what type of clean-out service they want to hire if they decide to proceed with an eviction.

On the other side of the debate are those who believe eviction cleanouts are a necessary part of maintaining order in any given community. If an individual or family cannot maintain their rental obligations for whatever reason, then it is up to the local jurisdictional authority to take action in order to recuperate lost income and make sure others don’t suffer financially due to rental defaults. Eviction clean-out companies provide a valuable service by ensuring these vacated premises are left in an orderly condition with minimal disruption after occupants have been removed from their residences.

No matter where one stands on either side of this argument, it is clear that eviction clean-outs have become more commonplace with an increase in rental market volatility across North America. It is therefore vital for property owners and landlords alike to understand their rights & responsibilities when it comes to hiring an eviction clean-out company when encountering defaulted tenancies on their properties.

Conclusion: In summary, while there are strong arguments both supporting & opposing professional eviction cleanouts depending on your perspective; it’s clear that they play an important role when managing complex situations relating to rental arrears owed by tenants. In the following section, we’ll discuss some key considerations for properly preparing for & participating in an eviction clean-out process.

Hoarders and Clutter 

When it comes to dealing with hoarders and clutter, there are two distinct camps of opinion – one that respects the hoarder’s right to their possessions, and another that demands swift intervention. On the one hand, people may point out that hoarding behaviors can often differ drastically between individuals and that, in many cases, we should be careful not to “throw the baby out with the bathwater”. After all, it is possible for someone to lead a relatively efficient and healthy lifestyle whilst still retaining a large number of belongings.

On the other hand, particularly in cases where the debris runs deep enough to pose a serious health and/or safety risk – such as those involving heavy blockages, fire hazards, or animal feces – it’s undeniable that action needs to be taken. In these instances, working with a professional team like Renters Clean out Service which has extensive experience in dealing with hoarders and their possessions can be invaluable.

Regardless of what side of the debate you come down on, it remains an entirely personal choice as to when and how one should approach any cleaning job involving “hoarder-like” conditions. Whether you decide to enlist help from a third party or take matters into your own hands, it’s important to remember that impatience often yields poor results; it is far better to take a measured approach if you want to get the job done well.

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